Diane D. Hitzemann, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

A Different Way to Resolve Disputes

Diane believes that individuals are capable of working together in a collaborative process to resolve disputes and achieve results.

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Divorce is a major life transition for a family; couples who have decided to divorce can face many difficulties:

  • a sense of loss and grief similar to what follows the death of a loved one, but heightened by the reality of the other’s continued existence.
  • harsh economic realities causing anxiety as family budgets are stretched to the limit.
  • fear of being alone, and if there are children, fear of losing an accustomed parenting role and/or having to assume a new and different role.

Mediation and Collaborative Law are cooperative options to a traditional divorce. Many families are better served in a less adversarial process during this trying time when healing is what they need.

Diane Hitzemann is committed to resolving family disputes respectfully outside the courtroom using mediation and collaborative law. During her 25 years working with families she has witnessed the destruction of family relationships in the aftermath of family disputes such as divorce, and she is convinced that the complexities involved in these disputes require a different approach from the traditional adversarial legal process. Diane does her best to create a climate of understanding so that the understanding rather than power drives the collaborative process. She continues to recognize, and encourages her clients to recognize that people of good faith can sincerely view things differently and find a collaborative solution that works for both of them.

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Diane D. Hitzemann